Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography is a visualisation of emotion in a picture. It's an expression of dreams, serenity, beauty, balance or any other emotion you can feel. Fine Art Photography is more than just a picture of someone or something. It contains a story. A real story or a story as in a dream.
A Fine Art Photo takes your mind to another place, another dimension, like magic.

The Fine Art Photographer

My name is Alef Starreveld. I am an independent "working class" fine art photographer and filmmaker, pure and raw. No glamour photography at all.

The Fine Art Photography is where I live for, with the emphasis on Art.
It's the essence of my live!

Alkmaar, The Netherlands, the place where I live is situated near the North Sea coast. I love the way the North Sea water reflects the sunlight and give the light an extra dimension.
It becomes scattered Northern Light!

The roots of my photographic work lie in my childhood days, growing up in a working class family in the province of North-Holland. In those days the daily reality of hard work, big social differences and conflicts, also within the family, was alleviated by storytelling and classical music. Already at the age of 8 I knew I would become a photographer and eventually I became a Fine Art Photographer.

My Fine Art Photography connects to a deeper layer, in which human themes such as grief, growth, decay and hope play a major role. It is a long lifetime of searching for form and identity, a ripening process that ultimately should result in a path and style of my own.

Fine Art Photography for sale

If you are interested in my Fine Art Photography, or you can visit my website and have a look at my Fine Art Photography.
In my Photo Art Shop a selection of my Fine Art Photos is for sale.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

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